Charlotte Grieves - Sr. Vice Principal-tr

Charlotte Grieves

Head of School - Senior Vice Principal

It is a real privilege to be introducing myself to you all at RDS. I am Charlotte Grieves and have been working with GEMS for 13 years, first at JPS and then at WIS as Head of the Lower School. I am married with an 8 year old daughter, Bailey; two Dogs and two Guinea Pigs! I love seeing how children flourish into well-rounded students every day and the development of the child as a learner, both in the classroom and in the world outside, is at the core of our pedagogy.

One of the reasons I became a leader was to raise standards in learning and teaching whilst playing a supporting role to fellow professionals.

I believe that all children have the ability to fulfil their potential and it is our responsibility to draw upon each other's strengths to enable our teams to make this possible.

I am really thrilled to be joining you all and getting to know the children, staff and families across the RDS Community. To be able to be a part of your thriving school where the children are nurtured and inspired to exceed expectations, pastorally and academically is very exciting for me.

I am very passionate about the learning environments that we create to ensure all students are enriched from the moment they walk in the door and believe that every opportunity is a learning opportunity where children are given every chance to grow and develop in a happy and stimulating school. An area I am particularly proud of at WIS was the being able to lead on the evolution of High Performance Learning and I am very pleased to be able to continue working with you all as you continue on this journey to become a fellowship school. You will find me scrolling through twitter, Pinterest, Instagram; listening to podcasts and TED Talks to inspire me. But I also love a good thriller to read and a Netflix series to immerse myself in. I love a good quote and one of my favourites is from Rita Pierson:

“Every child deserves a champion, someone who believes in them no matter what”.

I look forward to meeting you all and being a part of the RDS Family, sharing innovative ideas with you and challenging ourselves to be the very best we can and being the champions for the children we see every day.

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