First Royal Alliance

The First Royal Alliance will be formed in September 2021

We are excited to announce that our school will be working much more closely with another GEMS school, the very highly regarded GEMS FirstPoint School, to form an exciting new alliance. 

The First Royal Alliance will be formed in September 2021. It will see GEMS Royal Dubai School and GEMS FirstPoint School collaborating closely to ensure the pupils at both schools receive the best support for their schooling.  Both schools will continue to operate on their separate sites but will support each other through the sharing of best practice, joint events, resources, staffing and the opportunity to learn from each other. This is a really positive development for both schools and will enhance the quality of education our children receive.

The First Royal Alliance will be overseen by Mr Matthew Tompkins, Principal and CEO at GEMS FirstPoint School, who will bring his long experience of school leadership to the role and will support every child within the Alliance to achieve their full potential. 

  • The Alliance will be an environment where students and their progress is celebrated and each child’s learning is personalised to suit their needs.


    Matthew Tompkins

    Principal / CEO, GEMS FirstPoint School, The Villa

Some of the initiatives that will be generated by the Alliance

  • Running more trips and visits that were not previously feasible because of numbers
  • Student summits on key areas like sustainability and climate change
  • Joint project work
  • Most Able and Talented programmes
  • Specialist inclusion programmes
  • More guest speakers
  • Collaboration opportunities with a broader group of students
  • Shared assignments
  • Opportunities to introduce new roles across the Alliance to enhance practice in selected areas
  • Debating competitions
  • Sports competitions
  • Innovation challenges
  • Shared leadership and presentation opportunities for the students 

The Alliance is a really exciting step for our school that will benefit our family for many years to come.

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