Mission and Vision

Achieving Excellence Together

We aim to develop high performing learners who are happy, successful and equipped to confidently apply their learning skills in an ever-changing world, where they will seek to make positive contributions to the GRDS community and beyond.

As a Learning Community Our Mission is to be:


Creative Thinkers

Create dynamic and technology enabled learners who use technology, innovative thinking and problem solving skills to develop new ideas and ways of thinking.

Aspirational & Adaptable

Develop High Performing Learners who strive for excellence. Celebrating diversity and providing an inclusive environment which empowers all to achieve.

Reflective Learners

Build a conscious concern for society. Developing perseverance and determination to foster an ongoing cycle of self-reflection and improvement.

Effective Communicators

Empower responsible and respectful global citizens who are confident to voice their own opinion. We actively seek open and positive partnerships between all stakeholders.

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