Lauren Kavanagh Assistant Principa-tr

Lauren Kavanagh

Assisstant Principal

I am originally from Manchester, England but I trained to be a Primary Teacher in Leeds where I gained a First BA HONS in Primary Education, graduating in 2012. I have been lucky enough to be a part of the RDS family since I first moved to Dubai in 2015. Having been a class teacher for the past five years, I have seen how the school has grown from strength to strength and been part of those successes. Over the years I have had additional leadership responsibilities such as Deputy English, Year Leader for both Year 2 and Year 4 and more recently leading Concept Curriculum, working alongside HPL and Learning Wave leaders. Additionally, for the last two years I have been a seconded member of our Senior Leadership team where I have been involved with whole school initiatives, before now taking on the role as Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning Coach. Working with others and continually developing what we are doing as practitioners, for the purpose of creating the best learning environment for our students, is something I am extremely passionate about.

As you will probably see and hear from down the corridors I love to sing, dance and perform. Leading Glee Club and witnessing confidence grow in our young performers is wonderful to see and this is something I will always continue to be involved with. Aside from work, I really enjoy travelling and embracing new cultures, beautiful scenery and always learning something new about many spectacular places around the world.

Marvellous Moments

As with most teachers, my marvelous moments are the simple ones but the ones that stay with you. The ‘lightbulb’ moment when a child understand their learning and all their hard work, patience and resilience comes together and pays off. Seeing our students challenge themselves daily and have such a thirst and passion for learning because they feel confident and safe in their learning environment is amazing to witness and be a part of. RDS creates such awe and wonder for the children and allows for creativity and innovation.

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