Emma Trevette

Assistant Headteacher Early Years Foundation stage and Year 1

Miss Emma Trevette, is originally from North London. This is currently her eighth year at GEMS Royal Dubai School, where she has taught in Year 1 and FS, as well as leading phonics and English for the school, before becoming Head of Foundation Stage this past year. Emma is so excited to continue to work with all our families in her new role as Assistant Head of Early Years and Year 1.

Emma studied Drama at Loughborough University and worked in Inclusive Children’s Theatre for many years before becoming a teacher. She is a big football fan and loves going to matches with her family whenever she is home. Emma has a passion for travel, reading, documentaries, dinosaurs and museums. In school, she enjoys working with puppets, song and dance to foster creativity and confidence in our youngest learners. Emma believes that In our Foundation Stage and Year 1 classes, every child matters and every child’s voice is valued. We strive to create an environment of awe and wonder, where children feel safe, happy and engaged.

A key magical moments for Emma is seeing the children she works with in the Foundation Stage growing up through their Primary years at school and continuing their successful learning journeys at RDS. She loves when they come back down for a visit, or say hello in the mornings!                                                                                                       

Next Steps

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