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Welcome to GEMS Royal Dubai School

I am delighted to be able to welcome you to GEMS Royal Dubai School (RDS), our outstanding-rated primary school in Al Mizhar/Mirdif. RDS is a warm, family-centred school where everyone wants to learn and thrive. We focus not only on academic excellence, but also on developing students to be confident and happy learners.

Our community is built upon the vision of ‘Achieving Excellence Together’; it is a place where students, teachers and parents are committed, ambitious and positive. We provide a solid foundation that is supportive and inclusive, where we embrace and celebrate every individual.

Our teachers are the strength of the school; they inspire intellectual curiosity, independence and effective learning habits. From an early age, we encourage students to be empathetic, hardworking and agile. As a school we pride ourselves on ensuring the development of our students’ social and interpersonal skills, as well as their contribution to the community. RDS students have the opportunity to choose from over 80 clubs and activities across the school, encompassing the creative arts, outdoor education and a plethora of different sports. We believe in the importance of developing our students’ existing interests and encouraging them to find new ones that will enrich them for life.

My career with GEMS Education spans 14 years, having previously worked at Jumeirah Primary School and GEMS Wellington International School before joining RDS. My passion lies in ensuring all students’ wellbeing, built on my firm belief that all children deserve the very best education and that they deserve to be happy and to thrive beyond their potential.

I am also committed to High Performance Learning (HPL), and as the leader of an accredited World Class School, my focus is on ensuring our motivating learning environments enrich the lives of all students from the moment they walk through the door. I believe every opportunity is a learning opportunity, where children are given every chance to grow and develop in a happy and stimulating school. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing our children flourish into well-rounded students every day and developing as lifelong learners, both in the classroom and in the world that lies beyond.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to RDS in person and having the chance to introduce you to our wonderful, happy school.

Charlotte Grieves

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