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The Learning Wave

The Learning Wave is an integral part of the GEMS Royal Dubai School learning model. It is used by all members of the learning community as a tool for learners to describe their learning process. We believe that this provides learners with a framework to have greater agency and self- efficacy over their learning. Teachers use the Learning Wave to facilitate an enriching learning environment where children develop new skills, acquire knowledge, try out different possibilities and link ideas together to form concepts. The students' progress through the stages of WONDER, DISCOVER and APPLY to explore and master new concepts. While doing so, students use the HPL and ICARE dispositions Creative Thinkers, Adaptable & Aspirational, Reflective Learners and Effective communicators all of which contribute to form an individual learners Identity.


Wonder - This is the initial stage of learning when we realise the need to acquire new knowledge. We aim to nurture wonders and uncertainties as a fundamental part of a learner’s process to build excitement and curiosity.

Discover – Learners use this phase to explore knowledge and skills, conduct research, learning from adults and peers.

Apply - The final stage of the journey ensures students can use and transfer knowledge in a different context to deepen understanding.

This is an adaptation of John Edward’s theory on ‘The Learning Pit’ and more recently the research developed by James Nottingham.


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