Offering a world-class education founded on the National Curriculum for England (NNCfE)

GEMS Royal Dubai School offers an enriched version of the New National Curriculum for England, which places emphasis on the core subjects and careful monitoring of progress to ensure a record of academic success. This is complimented by outstanding facilities and provision in the foundation subjects which include the Creative Arts, PE, Humanities and Social Studies.

The school continues to move with the times, embracing new approaches to learning and technology, preparing our students well for the inescapable challenges of change that the 21st century will bring. This has helped to make GEMS Royal Dubai School the only outstanding school in the area offering The New National Curriculum for England, with excellent teachers trained in the UK. The school is certified as a British School Overseas "combining the best of British educational standards and methodology with an awareness of the local cultural and regional context."

Our school strives for excellence in everything we do. Your child's academic needs are our top priority. However, at our English Curriculum school we also encourage our students to develop their strengths outside as well as inside the classroom through an extensive range of Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs). A focus on students personal development promotes positive attitudes to learning.