Cindi Santos

School Counsellor

Hello, my name is Cindi and I will be joining the staff at GEMS Royal Dubai School this September. I am Canadian and have spent most of my life living in Portugal (a small, but beautiful country in Europe). I have spent the past years investing in myself as a professional and working with at risk children, teenagers and adults in Portugal, mostly in clinical settings. I have dedicated all my heart to this fascinating journey in Social Education, Social Intervention and Counselling. I arrived to Dubai in January, and worked as a Lower and Middle School Counsellor since then.

I enjoy experiencing new cultures and connecting with different people, believing that this allows me to grow personally and professionally. I also enjoy reading and I’m a true lover of self-care, self-empowerment and mindfulness.

I am excited to continue my career with Gems Royal Dubai School and cannot wait to meet the students and their families.