Our Approach

As adults, we look back on our school years as the building blocks of so many aspects of our lives; social interactions, skills, knowledge and ambitions that drive us to succeed. At GEMS Royal Dubai School, we believe in being ambitious for all students by preparing them with life skills that will be transferable as they prepare for secondary school and way beyond. We see the uniqueness of each student and we nurture and celebrate that in our school. As you tour GEMS Royal Dubai School, you will experience the ‘family feel’ that makes us a special place to learn.

Key Facts

Following the National Curriculum for England, GEMS Royal Dubai School has been situated close to Mirdif since 2005. We are at the heart of the community and have over 68 nationalities represented in school. GEMS Royal Dubai School has been rated Outstanding in all categories by BSO (British Schools Overseas). Parent partnership, communication and academic excellence have been key to maintaining our Outstanding rating.

As part of the GEMS network, our school began in 2005 and offers education that is enriched by the highest quality teachers that benefit from GEMS Professional Development. This ensures the highest quality education for all students and that our staff are at the forefront of educational development. Supporting this high quality is our COBIS (Council of British International Schools) accreditation. COBIS is the premier global association for international British schools overseas. Accreditation by COBIS is recognised as an international mark of quality for international schools.

We are proud to be one of four schools in Dubai to be a World Class Accredited School for High Performance Learning (HPL). With Professor Deborah Eyre’s support, we have developed meta-learning language that enables high expectations for all students. Along with our Learning Wave, students can articulate their learning with language that is transferable to all aspects of life. We are also proud to have attained the Gold Mark for Science provision through the Primary Quality Science Mark accreditation. Our Innovation Lab prepares students to learn using the latest technology such as 3D design and printing, programmable robots and Virtual Reality. Our forward-thinking use of technology combined with traditional learning skills allows students to thrive in a well-rounded environment.

Our Approach

We understand that students learn in different ways. It is our individualism that makes us who we are. At times, students will require support or challenge to enable them to reach their learning goals. Our well-established Achievement Centre is there for students who may require support at a greater depth. We have a team of highly skilled staff who are specialists in areas such as dyslexia and dyscalculia as well as challenging Gifted and Talented students.

Ensuring that all students feel nurtured, supported and have ownership of their school through leadership opportunities, is gained by being a standalone primary school. There are many student leadership opportunities, ranging from curriculum leadership to pastoral roles that value and develop leadership skills, compassion for others and a wider perspective on the world and our school community. We believe that GEMS Royal Dubai School offers the best start to your children’s education.

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