Attendance in EYFS

In the years that children spend with us in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at GEMS Royal Dubai School, they build positive relationships that form the basis of much of their natural development and success at school. Through high-quality provision, purposeful play and individualised learning, children have access to collaborative experiences with friends and adults; experiences that enhance their language and critical thinking skills and provide opportunities for challenge.

Our school learning environments reflect the children in each class so they develop a strong sense of identity, and have access to resources that extend their own style of play and learning. The awe and wonder we create across our EYFS department brings learning to life, as we believe in championing curiosity, independence and confidence across all areas of the curriculum.

The rich curriculum and skills development we provide at RDS rely heavily on communication with others and relationships with teachers, and these cannot be replicated at home, which is why it’s so important for children to be in school so they can interact with their teachers and peers. The children need access to quality play, challenging resources and different interactive styles of teaching, which promote language, investigation and physical development to support academic progress.

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