Residential Excursions


KS2 Residential Camps 2021- 2022

We were so delighted to be able to go on residential camp this year! After two years absence due to Covid restrictions residential camp is back. Residential camp is a- true example of how all of our parents, teachers, support staff and leadership team work together to provide our students with unforgettable experiences.

Year 3 Camp - Al Sahara Camp

This year’s camp for Years 3 and 4 was an unforgettable experience. For many students it was the first time away from parents, providing a unique opportunity to take part in field activities as well as all new activities such as sandboarding. The students were so supportive of each other, super brave and had an amazing time!

Activities included:

Tracks and Traps, Camel Farm, Catwalk, Archery, Sandboarding plus entertaining evening activities.



Year 6 Camp – Al Sahara Camp and Al Jeer Camp

This years’ Year 6 camp undoubtedly pushed the boundaries. We stayed at two different campsites, Al Sahara Desert Camp and Al Jeer Marine Camp. Provided a unique opportunity to take part in marine activities as well as all new activities such as sandboarding. The trip consisted of three nights and four days’ worth of activities

Activities included:

Sandboarding; Climbing; Jacobs Ladder; Microscope Encounters; Leap of Faith; Survival Skills; Windsurfing; Kayaking and more.



Educational Visits  

Royal Dubai School offers a wide range of educational visits to our students. Our visits complement learning objectives from across our concept curriculum and enhances the learning that takes place at school and at home.

Here are just some of the engaging trips that our students have participated in: Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding; Emirates Marine Reserve; Astronomy Centre; Meydan Race Course and The Quranic Park.

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