Learning Skills

The development of learning skills through High Performance Learning (HPL) is fundamental to how our children learn at RDS. The Values, Attitudes and Attributes and Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics are the fiber of learning, underpinning the curriculum and all aspects learning and teaching.

Students confidently articulate their learning and discuss and reflect on these key learning skills. As students progress through the school, reflection deepens and students not only recognise how they are thinking or behaving but use the language of HPL to identify what they need to do to improve further. Skills such as meta-thinking, analysis and questioning enable students to make connections in their learning and draw upon prior knowledge to think critically and challenging thinking. 

Our newly refurbished outdoor learning environments provide stimulating opportunity for collaboration, curiosity and resilience building, and enable students to make connections across areas of learning in the Early Years. Provision in both indoor and outdoor environments enable students in the EYFS take responsibility for their own learning and to be enterprising and creative in their play.

Learning at RDS is enhanced further through the independent use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and school based learning technologies across core and foundation subjects. Our Enhanced and Wider World curriculums enable students to be enterprising, ensuring learning skills flourish within the real-life context and play an integral role in facilitating future-ready thinkers.

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