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At GEMS Royal Dubai School, we are very proud to be one of the first four schools in the UAE to receive accreditation as a High Performing Learning School World Class accreditation. We truly believe that all children can achieve academic success and live a life full of opportunity and fulfilment regardless of their starting point. High Performance Learning is based upon a framework that include 30 learning characteristics that students develop to be high performing learners. These are based around, ‘How we think’ (ACPs) and ‘How we behave’ (VAAs) and are embedded across our curriculum.



Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics (ACPS)
Values Attitudes and Attributes (VAAs) 







Impacted me as a student

Hello everyone, my name is Sophia from Year 5 and I’m going to be talking to you about a few High-Performance Learning (HPL) skills I have recently demonstrated and applied in my learning during remote learning.

hpl girl-tr

Impacted me as a teacher

As we are all aware, learning does not stop the moment we leave school, college or university. It is ever evolving. Our potential to learn is not determined by the amount we read or do but simply by our mindset. It is about developing a skillset to understand who we are as a learner and knowing that there is in fact no ceiling regardless of your age.

Impacted me as a parent

HPL in our RDS Community:

It was so lovely to catch up with one of our parents today about HPL. Her children have been teaching her the skills and we have been discussing what they look like to her. I hope you enjoy reading our chat!

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 RDS High Performance Learning website

Want to find out more? Then why not have a look at our very own RDS HPL website. You won’t be disappointed.


RDS High Performance Learning Podcast

Have a listen to our incredible HPL Podcasts which tells you everything you need to know about HPL and how best to support your children.

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