Creative Arts

Creative Arts is a fundamental part of the curriculum here at RDS. Art, music and drama embody some of the highest form of human creativity and we believe creativity builds self- esteem, confidence and independent learners; skills which help our students not only to appreciate the wider media applications of art, music and drama but also prepares them for the future world they will one day find themselves in.  Creative Arts support the school’s core values including inclusivity and diversity and provides an exceptional opportunity to broaden experience and support social, moral and cultural learning.


Creative Arts lessons are delivered from the very beginning of our children’s school experience.  Within EYFS, children are immersed in art, music and drama activities in a child-initiated way.  Across Years 1 to 6, children are provided with opportunities to experience a variety of media and techniques and are educated upon individual performers, musicians and artists from around the worl, both past and present.  Within Key Stage 2, our Creative Arts curriculum aims to equip children with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices, think critically of their own work and performances and that of others, and to work with increased independence.


At GRDS the Creative Arts are taught by specialist art, music and drama teachers who deliver high quality lessons to enhance the requirements of the National Curriculum whilst also offering additional Extra Curricular activities through lunch time and after school clubs.

Our Royal Dubai Gallery, choir and annual musical productions are features of the school which all the community are very proud of!

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