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Inclusion and Student Wellbeing

GEMS Royal Dubai is an inclusive school. The GEMS vision for Inclusive Education is that we achieve excellence together by all students receiving the support they need to meaningfully belong to their school and wider community, feel valued for their contributions, engage purposefully in learning and experience academic, cultural, social and emotional success in a common learning environment.

At GEMS Royal Dubai School we welcome children with a range of learning preferences, including students of determination (students with special education needs and disabilities), students who are gifted and talented and students who are English Language Learners. Our staff are committed to educating all students in a common learning environment with similar-aged peers. At GEMS Royal Dubai School diversity is made visible as a strength, respectful relationships are continually enhanced, and all children fully participate in learning through adjustments and teaching strategies tailored to meet the diverse range of learners reflected in wider society.

The Achievement Centre (ACe) offers a variety of personalized supports to ensure that every child has opportunities to achieve excellence in their personal areas of strength and need. GEMS Royal Dubai School has a large Inclusion team comprised of specialist areas of provision.

GEMS Royal Dubai School Standard Service


  • SEND

    At GEMS Royal Dubai School we support all areas of learning which include, cognition and learning, communication and interaction, social and emotional and physical and sensory. 

    Our level 1 children are placed on a plan do review which is regularly monitored providing them with additional strategies/interventions to support learning and progress.

    Our level 2 identified children receive focused and targeted support around their primary area of need. Specific, measurable and realistic targets are identified and an individual education plan is written along side parent, child, teacher and inclusion teams input.

    Our level 3 children receive a clear personalized timetable providing support across all the barriers to learning that the children require both inside and outside the classroom.

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  • English Language Learning (ELL)

    Our ELL programme at GEMS Royal Dubai School is designed to enrich and support children whose first language is not English. The aim of our programme is to develop English skills so that our students can access the curriculum in the classroom and can communicate with their teachers and peers.

    ELL support can be identified on entry as well as through teacher assessment. We use this information from the team around the child (teacher, ELL department, parents) to create an Individual Language Plan (ILP) which will specify language targets for the term. These targets will then drive personalised support to develop that child’s language skills. The content of the sessions is a combination of direct English language instruction and sessions designed to boost vocabulary and comprehension skills in various academic areas. Ultimately, we aim for our children to be able to confidently and fluently access the classroom curriculum as well as listen, speak, read and write proficiently in English.

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  • Gifted and Talented

    We ensure that all our students reach their full potential, both in and out of the classroom. At RDS, we recognise children who are gifted as well as those who are talented. This allows us to celebrate their achievements beyond the classroom. 

    We identify students who are potentially gifted and talented and they are offered adaptations in the classroom to ensure they are challenged as well as provide targeted intervention groups. Our specialists also provide opportunities for our talented students to thrive, such as our annual show and a range of sporting events.

    We are part of the Dubai Enrichment League where we attend and host challenge days across a range of learning areas.

  • Student Wellbeing

    At RDS we promote and support the Social, Emotional and Mental Health of all children. Alongside our whole school wellbeing curriculum, we offer both 1:1 and small group support for children who are experiencing emotional and social challenges under the guidance and with the assistance of the School Counsellor. We use the Zones of Regulation model across our whole school to help educate children in recognising, accepting, and regulating emotion. This helps to support the emotional development of all children and help them build regulation toolkits to support them.

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  • Counselling

    Counselling allows your child to share thoughts and feelings in a deeper level. In counselling, the focus is on building resilience and empowering children, considering all the challenging experiences they go through and emotions they feel.

    RDS has a dedicated counsellor to support students with different strategies and supports with their social and emotional needs.
    Through a solution-focused approach, a co-collaborative process and always having the child’s best interest in mind, a counselor creates a safe space for sharing children’s thoughts and feelings about life experiences and considering each child’s needs.

    A child would benefit from counselling in case there are issues involved, that are socially and/or emotionally challenging for him/her and/or puts him/her at risk. Some examples of this are:

    • Friendship, family or emotional issues
    • Abuse, trauma and/or other Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s)
    • Bullying
    • Self-regulation issues (this includes, e.g., anger, stress or anxiety issues)
    • Relocation issues (i.e. changing schools, homes, families, and/or cities/states)
    • Or other life events/experiences.

    Privacy and confidentially of the information shared is a huge part of the relationship created with each child.

    Our School Counsellor also supports parents or caregivers in their challenging and complex role were needed either on an individual basis, or through webinars on specific relevant topics where parents can bring specific questions and issues.

    If you have any queries about School Counselling, feel free to reach out to our Counselor, Mrs. Nouran.

Meet Our Inclusion Team

Head of Inclusion
Michaela Bullock

Michaela is delighted to have had the pleasure of working with RDS families since September 2019. After growing up in Saudi Arabia Michaela is thrilled to have the opportunity to live and work in the Middle East.

  • Liadh Sheehan ELL-tr
    Liadh Sheehan
    Director of Inclusive Experience
  • Searlait Doherty
    School Counsellor


  • Dubai Inclusive Education Policy

  • Inclusion - The Achievement Centre (ACe) at RDS

  • Law No.2 (2017)

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