Science, Technology and Sports


We are committed to providing an education that will truly empower our students to lead the way in an increasingly competitive, technology-based, global economy.

The school very well equipped with:

  • An Innovation Lab
  • A ICT suite
  • Interactive screens (1 in every classroom) and laptops

Children also have opportunities to use:

  • Apple MacBooks
  • iPads
  • iPod Touch and iPhone technology
  • Web-conferencing facilities
  • Lego Mindstorms
  • Beebot robotics kits
  • Digi-Blu stop-frame animation cameras
  • Video and digital cameras
  • Mp3 recorders and a range of other hardware, software and Internet-based tools

ICT Provision

Students in Years 1-6 are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptops, iPads and mobile devices to school. This scheme has been highly successful in increasing learners’ independent study and ICT skills, as well as promoting awareness of Internet safety and responsible online practice.

A GEMS Royal Dubai School education nurtures and inspires, unlocking the potential of every child. Our pupils are respectful, happy, creative achievers of whom we are enormously proud. One of the primary reasons for this is that we have a highly experienced, ICT Team, which works with teachers , children and parents to ensure that the vast array of cutting-edge technology at their disposal is fully utilised to enhance learning at all levels and across the curriculum.

The school has its own Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts, which supplement GEMS Connect, 2Simple and See-Saw as we share achievements and support our families in engaging with their children’s learning beyond the school gates.

At GEMS Royal Dubai School, our children are not just students, but leaders in the field of technology and, as such, are regularly invited to showcase their achievements at technology events such as BETT Middle East and the Gulf Education Forum. Our expectations for your children at our school are high; at whatever stage of their education through a creative curriculum, we will inspire them to have a passion for learning that will be the key to their futures.

Science & Sports

At GEMS Royal Dubai School, we commit to enabling individuals to grow and achieve, with small classes allowing our teachers to know each child and therefore provide individual help and guidance. We aim to encourage the children to develop strength of character and gain a desire for life-long learning.

Science Provision

Science and technology are advancing at a rapid pace so it is more important then ever to equip students with knowledge so they can fully embrace 21st century learning in readiness for their future roles. To this end Students in Years 1-6 enjoy a weekly lesson of science in our laboratory where they are supported in practical and theory lessons by their Class Teacher and our Science Technician.

Sports Facilities

At GEMS Royal Dubai School we recognise and develop the whole person, learning does not stop in the classroom.

Our dedicated sports facilities include:

  • An indoor multi-purpose hall with stage for our many school productions
  • Outdoor sports field
  • Outdoor tennis court
  • Basketball court
  • Netball court
  • A shaded turf area
  • A shaded Foundation Stage play area directly accessible from each FS classroom
  • 2 swimming pools; one learner pool (0.5m depth) and a 25m six lane pool (1.5m depth)

Enjoyment, improvement and variety are the name of the game, and we are fully aware that many other values can be learned through sport.

Wellbeing and Mindfulness Room

Our wellbeing and mindfulness room is an open room where students and staff can focus on their health and wellbeing. We have some weekly activities running in this room such as “Listening Lounge” which is an opportunity for students to pop in at breaktime and talk to other students or an adult, if something is worrying them.

We also run student resilience sessions to help build students confidence and resilience skills and feel very lucky to have a space that provides opportunities for students to focus, take time to be mindful and even practice yoga.


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