Nazli Mouffer

Hello My name is Nazli Mouffer. I am a proud parent of GRDS, and am happy to say that it has been 13 wonderful years that I have been with GRDS.

I am from Srilanka, the beautiful Island in the Indian ocean. I have 2 children in GRDS and 2 children in Secondary. They are all very active and they keep me very busy.

Being the co-chair of FORDS has been a privilege to me, helping in organizing events such as Teachers day and National day , has been amazing. Also teaching our kids to be mindful through charity by having our annual bake sale, is another event we are very proud of. It has been a pleasure working with our FORDS members, staff and parents and I am looking forward to our future events.

“Education is like a lantern which lights your way in a dark alley” - HH the late Sheikh Zayed bun Sultan Al Nahyan

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