Counselling allows your child to share thoughts and feelings in a deeper level. In counselling, the focus is on building resilience and empowering children, considering all the challenging experiences they go through and emotions they feel.

RDS has a dedicated counsellor to support students with different strategies and supports with their social and emotional needs.
Through a solution-focused approach, a co-collaborative process and always having the child’s best interest in mind, a counselor creates a safe space for sharing children’s thoughts and feelings about life experiences and considering each child’s needs.

A child would benefit from counselling in case there are issues involved, that are socially and/or emotionally challenging for him/her and/or puts him/her at risk. Some examples of this are:

  • Friendship, family or emotional issues
  • Abuse, trauma and/or other Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s)
  • Bullying
  • Self-regulation issues (this includes, e.g., anger, stress or anxiety issues)
  • Relocation issues (i.e. changing schools, homes, families, and/or cities/states)
  • Or other life events/experiences.

Privacy and confidentially of the information shared is a huge part of the relationship created with each child. As so, School Counselling is based on building trust and only in one of these three situation, the information will be shared with a third party:

  • If the child discloses that he/she wants to hurt him/herself
  • If the child discloses that he/she wants to hurt someone else
  • If the child discloses that someone is hurting him/her

Our School Counsellor also supports parents or caregivers in their challenging and complex role were needed either on an individual basis, or through webinars on specific relevant topics where parents can bring specific questions and issues.

If you have any queries about School Counselling, feel free to reach out to our Counselor, Mrs. Tereza.

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