A solid foundation

Kyle Pinto - Class of 2010

My time at RDS set me up for life skills! It was not all about text book learning; team spirit, discipline, fair play, respect, humility were my takeaways from the football pitch and during PE lessons. These traits stood me in good stead all through my school and university years and I am sure will continue to do so, onwards and beyond.

I carry fond memories of the faculty at GEMS Royal Dubai School, their personal interest in each student’s academic and sporting development made for a solid foundation. RDS gave me the opportunity to represent them in several sporting events against other schools in Dubai. A big shout out to my PE teachers who encouraged and supported me on my footballing path. May 2020 saw me graduating with a BSC degree in Aviation Management. During my time at university in San Jose, California, I also pursued a flying license and successfully obtained the Private Pilot License this year.

While I ride out the global pandemic restrictions with my family in Dubai, I look forward to returning to the US to complete my pilot licenses and eventually take to the commercial aviation skies in whichever country the winds take me.

Thank you RDS, for the memories.


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