An enriched community

Mariam, Salma and Nouran - Class of 2011, 2015 & 2020

We have had the great pleasure of watching RDS grow, improve and achieve so much during our time here. RDS has REALLY provided a wonderful, friendly, productive environment for my children. 
RDS gave my daughters the chance to grow and develop  and to begin their steps on their learning journey in a very balanced, academic, sporty and safe environment. RDS was not just a school for us, rather a full enriched community that often felt like a second home. We will forever be grateful to all that RDS has given us and we are delighted to be leaving RDS with a lot of wonderful memories of our time here.

A huge THANK YOU to all the RDS staff and Leadership Team who were so dedicated and committed to their jobs over the years to get the best out of the children and worked tirelessly to put them on the right paths for their future.

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