Katie McConnell - Class of 2008

Katie attended GEMS Royal Dubai School from September 2005 through to 2008. Katie won a scholarship and her aspiration at that age was to work hard and become a singer. As well as singing, Katie played the piano to a standard of Grade 8 by the age of 14.

The secondary school that she attended was Penair in Truro, Cornwall UK. During the five years from age 11 to 16 Katie performed in carol concerts, musical evenings and assemblies, and joined a band playing 80’s music at the end of year prom. Katie then studied music at college and intended to go to university after taking a year out to travel to New Zealand, Australia, Bali, and a return visit to her sister in Dubai.  It turned out that Uni wasn’t for Katie, however she gained a job with a music company called RouteNote which is where people worldwide can distribute their music online. Katie is now the Head of Support. The CEO of RouteNote has signed a separate contract with her where she sings for EDM producers (Electronic Dance Music).

As parents, we are extremely proud of her achievements and delighted she carried through her childhood dream of becoming a singer.

Thank you for the ‘Grounding’ which Katie received in GEMS Royal Dubai School.


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