Preparing for the next Adventure

Caitlin Rudolph - Class of 2009

Starting my new adventure in Dubai at GEMS Royal Dubai School allowed me to grow and develop as a person. RDS helped me adapt to my new life in Dubai and taught me about the new culture I was growing up in. Moving from South Africa where the curriculum and schooling system was different, the welcoming staff and teachers at RDS assisted me in the best ways possible allowing me to have an easy adjustment. Soon I was able to develop new skills such as working on computers, learn new languages and many more, making sure I was ready for the next adventure in life.

Since leaving RDS I have been able to progress academically with the skills taught which has led to my educational endeavours such as completing my Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance and my current study of a Masters in Investment and Finance.

Thank you RDS for being the foundation of my education and opening many doors for me.

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